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BMW E46 Tuning, Making the Ultimate Driving Machine Better!

BMW E46 Tuning is here to help you modify your E46 BMW.  We research the best modifications available for your BMW and provide you links to them (Some of which are affiliate links).  For more products please view the BMW E46 Tuning Store.

BMW E46 styling - BMW E46 Tuning

BMW E46 Styling.

Improve your E46 styling with some great after market products that will enhance the looks of your BMW.  You can also improve the aerodynamics to increase down force.



BMW E46 Engine - BMW TuningBMW E46 Engine Modifications

Improve your Engine with some E46 Mods to increase horse power and fuel efficiency.  Your BMW will accelerate faster, run smoother and sound better.


BMW E46 Maintenance - BMW TuningBMW E46 Maintenance

Keeping on top of your E46 Maintenance will keep your car running longer, safer and more efficiently.  It does not have to be expensive, there are a lot of things that you can do at home to keep your BMW in good working order.



BMW E46 AccessoriesBMW E46 Accessories - BMW E46 Tuning

There are lots of great E46 Accessories available to improve the looks and interior comfort of your BMW.  Little changes can make a big difference.


BMW E46 Suspension - BMW E46BMW E46 Suspension

Improve your BMW E46 Suspension by upgrading your shocks, springs, sway bar or strut brace to make your E46 BMW corner faster, feel safer and handle sharper.



BMW E46 Rims / Wheels - BMW E46 TuningBMW E46 Rims

Add style to your BMW by adding a set of E46 Rims. Lighter wheels will improve acceleration and handling.  Weight lost at the wheels is worth 3 times the weight lost from the body, improving acceleration whilst making your BMW stand out from the crowd.

BMW E46 Tires - E46 TuningBMW E46 tires

.Improve every aspect of your driving by upgrading your E46 Tires Better tires results in harder braking, faster acceleration and sharper cornering.  Getting the right tires for your BMW set at the right pressure will improve fuel economy and road safety.


BMW E46 Exhaust - BMW E46 TuningBMW E46 Exhaust

By upgrading your E46 Exhaust you will unlock the free HP of your engine and improve fuel efficiency by letting the air flow more freely.  An aftermarket exhaust will deepen the tone of your engine making it sound much better especially under heavy acceleration.


E46 Tuning Tools - BMW TuningBMW Automotive Tools

Working on your car can be a very rewarding process.  Great Automotive tools are the first step to maintaining your own car and ultimately reducing the running costs of you BMW E46.


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Advertise here on the home page of BMW E46 Tuning for $10 per month you can add an image of your choice, a short description of your website and a link with your chosen keywords.


BMW E46 Tuning

The BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) E46 is the 4th generation of 3 Series vehicles released by BMW.  Production started in 1998 and after succeeding the E36, it was eventually replaced by the BMW E90 in 2006.  The E46 was released to the worldwide markets in 1998 in the sedan body style, followed by a coupé and touring body style in 2009.  The Cabriolet and hatchback styles were released in 2000.  Due to the high quality of the E46, it experienced enormous success worldwide in all markets and was considered the car to beat in its class.  2002 was the best selling year for the E46 when BMW sold a staggering 561,249 around the globe.
BMW M GmbH designed a highly tuned sports car variant of the E46 called the M3.  The M3 had a bigger, engine with more power, high performance tuned suspension, an LSD (limited slip differential) and various body modifications, including a quad exit exhaust featuring a very unique and highly popular design.  The M3 went on sale in 2001 and was available as either a coupé or a convertible.  It came with either a standard 6-speed manual, or an optional sequential manual gearbox.  The BMW E46 is one of the most successful cars of all time and we are here to help you make it better.