Making of the E46 BMW

M3 E46 BMW

Making of the E46 BMW

This is a great video from youtube (lexusjoe) about the making of the E46 BMW.  The video is in Germany but is still full of great information, they are the guys who make the Ultimate Driving Machine at the end of the day.  This is a really interesting video that walks you through the whole process of making the E46 BMW, enjoy!

Building the Chassis and body of the E46 BMW.

The first stage of the process is building the chassis.  They assemble the front, rear and floor sections separately and then join them together. At this point you have the basic chassis to start building the E46 BMW.  Next comes the sides followed by some of the body panels.  The car then works it way around the factory getting more and more parts added as it goes.  The car shell is then prepped, painted and checked for imperfections and then left to cure.

The E46 BMW assembly line

The painted body is then place on the production line and parts are added piece by piece to the body this is where the car really starts to look like the end product.  They add lights, stereo, electrics,  windows, seat and more of the interior.  Followed by the doors and steering wheel.  The body is now ready to be mounted onto the drive train.

The engine and drive train assembly

Then its time for the E46 engine. The engines are mounted to the transmission and then connected to the entire drive train.  Brakes, suspension, prop shaft, rear differential engine and transmission basically everything that makes the vehicle move.  The body of the car is then placed on top of the drive train and lowered into place.  A few adjustments to make sure everything is seated correctly and then they are secured together.

Finishing off the E46 BMW

Once the body is secured to the drive train they start adding the finishing touches such as the famous kidney grills, front and rear bumpers and the wheels.  The E46 wheels are connected with a really cool tool that secures all 5 bolts at the same time at the correct torque setting.  (I want one but have never seen it at my local DIY store).  They then add all the fuel, oil and lubricants.  At theis stage the car is completed and just need to be tested

M3 E46 BMWTesting the E46 BMW

The car is started and basic functional test are carried out to make sure the engine is running correctly and all equipment is working as it should.  The E46 BMW is then placed onto a rolling road which checks the brakes, engine under load, head lights etc.  Once the E46 passes all its test the car is ready to be sold and gets transported to the dealership ready for sale.  Next step your driveway.


I hope you enjoyed this overview of the building of the E46 BMW if you are lucky enough to own an E46 BMW then make sure you check out the rest of the BMW E46 Tuning site for some great ways to modify your car.

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Best Supercharger for 325 BMW E46

BMW 325 Supercharger

Active Autowerkes SuperCharger 310HP BMW E46 325i 01325 Supercharger
If I were going to fit a Supercharger onto the 325xi I would use the Active Autowerkes SuperCharger 310HP BMW E46 325i 01325 Supercharger  The kit will give you over 90 extra WHP.  This kit is designed specifically for the BMW and enhances an already great engine.  You also have the peace of mind buying from a big company who have a great track record with high quality BMW Superchargers.

BMW 323 & 325 Supercharger kit.

This kit is designed for BMW E46 323 and 325 Engines that were made after 01 and includes the following upgrades:

1. Rotrex C30-94 Trim Supercharger
2. Pressure (Boost) level of 8psi
3. Front Mounted air to air Intercooler
4. Front Mounted air to air Oil Cooler
5. Mandrel Bent tubing
6. High temperature hoses with clamps
7. K&N Air Filter
8. 6 high flow Injectors
9. Active Autowerke Race By-pass Valve
10. All installation hardware included
11. Active Autowerke Dyno tweaked Software

This is a 325 Supercharger Kit that includes everything you need to take your stock BMW 325 and turn it into an amazing vehicle.

The 325 Supercharger

BMW 325 SuperchargerAdding a supercharger is one of the best ways to increase the performance of your E46 BMW or any other vehicle. Its is an air compressor fitted to the intake side of the engine and is mechanically driven from the engines crankshaft, this means the Supercharger’s power gains are spread throughout the entire rev range.  A turbo unit on the other hand runs on the exhaust gases and takes time to ‘spool’ giving you turbo lag.  The bigger the turbo the bigger the lag, which is why twin turbos are popular using a small turbo and a larger turbo together to help reduce the lag.  The BMW Superchargers have no lag as they are driven by the engine meaning as soon a you touch the gas pedal you have the extra power.  This makes them a better choice than a turbo in most cases.

Please let me know about your 325 Supercharger or any other car mods by leaving a comment below.