BMW E46 Lights

BMW E46 Lights

Changing your BMW E46 Lights is a great way to subtly improve the appearance of your BMW.  Changing the E46 lights is a relatively simple process that can be completed on your driveway in less then 30 minutes.  Removing the Amber lights is a high priority for most car enthusiasts (including me!) so here is a selection of great BMW E46 Lights to sweeten up your ride:

BMW E46 Corner/Side-marker/Indicators

I really don’t know why most car manufacturers (including BMW) decide to add amber corners to base factory models. Clear corners are an ideal replacement but there are also lots of aftermarket options to add some real style to the E46 BMW.

Check out the full selection of clear cornersE46 Lights.

Smoked CLear Corners - BMW E46 Lights


If you are looking for a radical change then these smoked clear cornersE46 Lights look great and completely get rid of the amber appearance from the from of the E46 BMW.


Dark Smoked Corers - BMW E46 Lights

If you are going for the popular all black look then dark smoked CornersE46 Lights are the perfect E46 Lights for your BMW.


Clear corners - BMW E46 Lighting

The classic clear cornersE46 Lights are probably the most popular swap, making the E46 BMW look more like the sport model.  They are cheap and easy to install.

BMW E46 Tail Lights

Changing the BMW E46 Tail LightsE46 Lights drastically improves the appearance of the rear of your BMW and lets face it, when you drive a BMW most people will be looking at the back of your car as you overtake them so give them something to admire!

Clear Tail Lights - BMW E46 Lights

The Bermuda BlackE46 Lights LED tail lights offer a refreshing look to the E46 Rear.  With these installed everyone will be talking about your ride.


Black Tail Lights - BMW E46 Lights


These Euro style red/clear on Black Tail LightsE46 Lights have a high performance style, maximum brightness and give the back of your BMW a completely unique look.



Black LED tail light - BMW E46 Lights


These Black LED Tail LightsE46 Lights offer long service life combined with low power usage (due to the LED lighting system) not to mention great looks which remove both red and amber from the rear of the E46.


BMW E46 Fog lights

Fog lights make such an improvement to the front of the BMW at night giving a really sporty and aggressive look view the full selection of fog lightsE46 Lights here are two examples.

Smoke Fog lights - BMW E46 Lighting


The Fog Light (Smoke)E46 Lights directly replace the factory fog lights and visually enhance the appearance of the car with their smoked finish.


Yellow fog lights - E46 lights


These Fog Light (Yellow)E46 Lightsare direct replacements for the OEM Fog lights and come with yellow lenses making your car stand out from the crowd at night.


E46 Lights are a great way to improve the appearance of your BMW.  To further enhance it check out the BMW E46 Styling page