BMW E46 Engine mods

BMW E46 Engine Modifications

The engine bay is a great place to add some E46 mods to improve the performance of your BMW.  There are lots of reasonably priced E46 Mods that can help free up power in your engine to unleash the beast.  We have a bigger selection at the Tuning Store

Some great E46 Mods for your car

KN Induction Kit BMW E46 Engine mods .

A K&N Induction Kit BMW E46 Engine mods makes your car sound amazing, giving it a powerful engine tone as well as increasing power and improving your Fuel economy.  This is the next step up from the panel filter.


One of the Best E46 Mods around the Supercharger

E46 BMW M3 499HP Supercharger BMW E46 Engine modsThe BMW E46 Supercharger is the best way to get big horse power gains without sacrificing driveablility.  The E46 Supercharger is designed by Active Autoworkes who are one of the most respected names in the industry.  There is a BMW E46 Supercharger for anything from the 323i to the M3..

BMW E46 AFE Induction Kit BMW E46 Engine mods

The aFe Air Intake System BMW E46 Engine mods is a great induction kit designed to work in perfect harmony with a stock engine.  This is one of the best E46 mods for the BMW.


KN Panel filter1 BMW E46 Engine modsThis is one of the first items I have purchased on every car I have ever owned.  The K&N Replacement Air Filter BMW E46 Engine mods is amazing! It increase both fuel economy and horse power, It’s cheap and comes with a lifetime warranty.


KN Filter care kit BMW E46 Engine mods.

Keep your K&N air filter clean and working to the best of its ability with this K&N Filter Care Kit BMW E46 Engine mods I suggest every time you change the oil or perform a service on your E46 you should also take out and clean your air filter.


BMW E46 Nitrous Express BMW E46 Engine mods.

For a serious boost of power then the Nitrous Express BMW E46 Engine mods system will give you a 35-75 HP boost.  There are various kits available from around $600-$1500 depending on what system you want.  This is the cheapest way to get a big HP gain.


BMW E46 6Cyl Clutch stage 3 BMW E46 Engine modsIf you have increased the power of the engine then you should also increase the power of the clutch.  Try the Clutch Masters Stage 3 Clutch with Flywheel BMW E46 323-328 6cyl 99-05 BMW E46 Engine mods



BMW E46 Lightweight flywheel BMW E46 Engine mods
Clutch Masters Flywheel BMW E46 330 incl M3 00-05
 BMW E46 Engine mods is a great way to improve your acceleration.



BMW E46 Iridium Spark Plugs BMW E46 Engine mods

.Spark plugs are one place where it really is important to use high quality equipment.  These Iridium Spark Plugs BMW E46 Engine mods are a great choice.  Better spark means better acceleration, more efficiency, better fuel economy and more.



BMW E46 Strut brace BMW E46 Engine modsThis is a Whiteline Front Strut Brace BMW E46 Engine mods designed to fit all E46 BMWs.  They add a lot of strength to the chassis giving the car more stability and faster cornering.


BMW E46 Front strut bar BMW E46 Engine mods

This is a very similar Front Strut Bar BMW E46 Engine mods to the Whiteline Strut brace but has open loops meaning it is not as effective but costs a fraction of the price.  It also fits all E46 BMW’s.



E46 Tuning page advertising BMW E46 Engine mods

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With your E46 Engine modifications taken care of you should complete the performance package by adding an after market E46 Exhaust to your line up of E46 Mods.