BMW E46 Supercharger

High performance BMW E46 Supercharger.

To get the highest performance out of the E46 BMW requires forced induction.  The BMW E46 Supercharger was developed by Active Autoworkes who are the biggest and most respected names in the business.  Many magazines and articles have been written about the quality of the BMW E46 Supercharger and they are known for their durability, clever bolt on engineering and the ability to take the standard E46 BMW and make it better.  The BMW Supercharger is flawlessly engineered at an affordable price.

M3 – BMW E46 Supercharger

The E46 M3 Supercharger gives the BMW M3 massive performance gains.  There are two different stages available for the E46 M3 Stage I and stage II.

M3 BMW E46 Supercharger Stage I

Stage 1 M3 BMW E46 SuperchargerPower: 440BHP

Torque: 265.1 Ft/lbs

This kit includes a Rotrex C38 Supercharger, running 5.5 psi of boost resulting in a 32-35% increase in power at lower RPM.  The goal was to create a Supercharger that increased the power by more then 100HP, create a bolt on kit that does not require opening the engine and enhance the already fantastic performance of the E46 M3 – they definitely succeeded!
Buy the Active Autowerkes BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Level I- 440 HP
BMW E46 Supercharger

M3 BMW E46 Supercharger stage II

M3 Stage II - BMW E46 SuperchargerThis BMW E46 M3 Supercharger runs at 7.5 PSI giving the following performance stats.

Power: 499BHP @ 7,500 rpm

Torque: 388ft/lbs @ 5,500 rpm

0-60mph: 4.2 Sec  1/4 mile: 12.4 Sec

The Stage II BMW E46 Supercharger has the same reliability as the Stage I kit whilst offering greater performance.

Buy the Active Autowerkes BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Level II- 499 HPBMW E46 Supercharger

BMW Supercharger kits for E46 3-Series

BMW 330i Supercharger

BMW E46 SuperchargerThe 330i BMW E46 Supercharger is a twin screw supercharger system offering staggering performance, turning out 393 Hp meaning that it will out perform an E46 M3 next time you are at the lights.  The Supercharger provides crisp smooth acceleration without compromising drive-ability.

Buy the Active Autowerkes SuperCharger 393HP BMW E46 330i MS43 01-02BMW E46 Supercharger

BMW 328i Supercharger

BMW E46 SuperchargerAdding a 328i E46 Supercharger to your BMW will cause serious performance enhancement giving your BMW E46 M3 high performance at an affordable price.  This kit includes all the necessary equipment required for the installation along with technical support.  The kit is completely bolt on, enhancing the standard performance without compromise.
Buy the Active Autowerkes BMW E46 328i 99-00 Supercharger – 340Hp
BMW E46 Supercharger

BMW 323i & 325i Supercharger

323i BMW E46 SuperchargerThe 323i & 325i BMW E46 Supercharger gives an increase of over 90whp, providing massive torque from low end giving maximum power as you place your foot on the gas pedal.

Buy the Active Autowerkes SuperCharger 310HP BMW E46 323i 99
BMW E46 Supercharger
The best way to add power is a BMW E46 supercharger, visit the E46 Engine Tuning page for more performance upgrades.