E46 Suspension

BMW E46 Suspension.

One of the best ways to make your car go faster, feel more sporty and increase its ability to go around corners is to upgrade the suspension.  Find more suspension parts at the store

Improving your handling

E46 Coil over Suspension kit from EibachThe fully adjustable Eibach Coil-Over Systeme46 suspension is one of the best ways to improve your handling.  You can also lower your ride height between 0.8″ and 3.0″ and change it whenever you want.



Bilstein shock for BMW E46

The Bilstein Heavy Duty Strut Assemblye46 suspension is a very popular choice with BMW drivers.  This shock fits all E46 3-series’ excluding the M3.

Yellow Koni Shocks for E46 BMWShop for KONI shock absorbers at Tire Rack.e46 suspension Koni Yellow Sport shocks are the market leader when it comes to upgrading your shocks.  They have 2 external adjustments so you can make your BMW handle exactly the way you want it to.

BMW E46 H&R SpringsH&R are a favorite for tuners.  You can Shop for springs and shocks at Tire Rack.e46 suspensionand they are also available On Amazone46 suspension.  They come in 3 stages depending on your requirement – Stock, Sport and Race.


BMW E46 Springs and strutsShop for Eibach springs and spring kits at Tire Rack.e46 suspension Eibach offer a a great spring and anti roll kit which is a great way to stiffen up your suspension and reduce body roll in the corners.


Eibach Sway bar for BWM E46Reduce body roll in the corners with this Eibach Rear Sway Bar Kite46 suspensiondesigned for 3 series E46 BMWs (M3 Sway Bar Kite46 suspension).


BMW M3 Pro Alignment Kit from EibachThe M3 Eibach Pro-Alignment Kite46 suspension allows for a much more customizable setup of your wheel enabling a much more aggressive alignment to improve cornering.  It is also great for reducing excessive camber on lowered BMWs.


E46 Mods The BMW Strut BraceThis is a Whiteline Front Strut Bracee46 suspension designed to fit all E46 BMWs.  They add a lot of strength to the chassis and enable faster cornering.


BMW E46 Mods, Front strut brace

This is a very similar Front Strut Bare46 suspension to the Whiteline but has open loops meaning that although not as effective, it is a fraction of the price.  It fits all E46 BMW’s.


Guidelines for improving your BMW Suspension.

Never lower your vehicle too much! This is possibly the biggest no no.  Lowering looks great and can considerably enhance a vehicle’s cornering ability but going too low is damaging to both handling and safety.  Going too low can cause bumpsteer, in which the tie rods and control arms are moving in different arcs.  This results in the wheels steering themselves with no input.  Each time a car is so low that the suspension bottoms under cornering loads, the end of the car that bottoms out will violently slide.  Super low guys are convinced that they are driving racing cars but if you see them on the race track they will really struggle achieve a competitive time.  So mount good quality springs such as Eibach, H&R or Ground Control.

Get the suspension aligned and optimize the tire pressures.
Alignment and tire pressures can produce a massive difference, in the cars handling.  It does not cost a lot of money to achieve major advances in the cars performance simply by configuring the tire pressures and setting up the car’s alignment. By increasing front negative camber, front tire pressure and reducing the rear camber to 0 degrees, you should instantly feel a huge improvement in handling.
Find a local shop that does racing alignments near your home.  Car alignment, should be completed with your weight in the drivers seat and the technician bouncing the vehicle after each little adjustment to settle the suspension.  Set the tire pressures prior to getting an alignment.  Remember that after lowering any vehicle the the suspension must also be realigned.
Install matched suspension parts from a single manufacturer where possible.  For example do not put H&R springs on the front with Eibach springs on the rear.  Suspension manufacturing companies normally offer parts as a complete set with specifically tuned setups, designed  to match each other.  So unless you actually know a lot about suspension don’t combine different components.


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E46 Suspension upgrades will really improve the way your car handles whilst driving.  You will also want to add a few nice looking E46 Accessories to add some detail to your BMW.