BMW E46 Tires

BMW E46 Tires – High performance Street and Racing

Tires are probably the most important upgrade for your E46 or any other road vehicle for that matter and this fact is often overlooked…  Tires are the only thing that keeps your car in contact with the road and Improving them enables you to accelerate faster, brake harder and corner faster.  If you want to get better performance out of your car you will need a set of high performance tires.

Top choice for E46 Tires

Michelin’s Pilot Sport PS2 ZP

E46 Tires - Michelin Pilot SportMichelin Pilot sporte46 tires PS2 ZP Run Flats are BMW’s original equipment for the performance E46 models when they come out of the factory in Munich.  Michelin’s Pilot Sport PS2 ZP are one of the best all round performance E46 tires available.  They are BMW’s number one choice for both performance and safety and I can personally highly recommend these tires as they were installed on my E36 and I loved them.

Continental ExtremeContact, DWS

E46 Tires - Continental Extreme contact DWS

.The Continental Extreme Contact DWS.e46 tires is the best all season tire that Continental produces and are the go to tire for the all season driver.  If you have to deal with wet weather and the occasional bit of snow then these tires can deal with all of that whilst still giving you the high performance that you would expect from a sports tire. Continental ExtremeContact DWS are very competitively priced and a great addition to a BMW E46 or any other car for that matter.

.Dunlop Direzza sport Z1 Star Spec

E46 Tires - Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spece46 tires are the perfect E46 tires.  They are Dunlop’s Extreme Performance Summer tire, created for the performance car, sporty coupe and touring style sedan owner demanding a race tire-like grip for use on the street.  Perfect for autocross, drifting and other track events, If you are looking for tires that offer superb grip then Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec tires are the perfect choice.

Hankook’s Ventus R-S3

E46 Tires - Hankook Ventus R-S3

The Hankook Ventus R-S3e46 tires BMW E46 Tires are another great choice for autocross.  They offer superb grip, and with a tread-wear rating of 140 they have the softest allowable rubber for DOT rated tires.  These tires offer great handling for your BMW and depending on the size you require, can be very affordable and with the stylish fire pattern on the tread probably the best looking tire on this site.

Hoosier A6 Racing Tires

E46 Tires - Hoosier R-Compound TiresWhen it comes to maximum performance then you simply cannot beat the Hoosier A6.  They are renowned for performing better than any other tire, and If you go to a track day and take a look at what the fastest cars have wrapped around their rims,  you can be sure that most of them will have a set of these Hoosier A6 or R6 Racing Tires.  If you want the best then this is the tire for you.

Kumho’s Ecsta 710.

E46 Tires - Kumho Escta v710

The Kumho Ecsta V710e46 tires are a high performance racing tire that sacrifice durability for maximum grip.  These tires have been specifically designed to maximize the performance of any vehicle, so if you want to get the most out of your BMW then a set of Kumho Ecsta 710 is the best way to go.

.Recommended items to compliment your tires

E46 Tires - Digital Tire Pressure GaugeEvery one who owns a car should have a Tire Pressure Gauge as It is absolutely essential to make sure your tires are running at the right pressure.  If your tires are too low or too high then you will be spending too much at the gas pump and also reducing the handling capabilities of your vehicle, which in extreme cases can even result in loss of vehicle control.

E46 Tires - Gorilla Torque WrenchMaking sure that you regularly check that all the wheels on your car are correctly installed by using a Torque Wrench to ensure the security of every single nut on each wheel.  A loose nut can result in the wheel flying off the vehicle whilst traveling at high speeds and over tightening may result in sheering of the nut.

. E46Tires - Tread depth guageThe Tire Tread Depth Gaugee46 tires is a simple tool that is a must for any tool box.  It tells you how much tread is left on your tires, once you have less than 1.6mm on 75% of the tire it is time to get yourself a new set of E46 tires.

E46 Tires - BMW wheel valve cap Buying Valve caps with BMW logois an inexpensive way to add detail to your wheels.  This is a very cool eye catching modification.



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Adding the best tires is the first step to improving the handling of your vehicle. To really increase the speed whilst cornering you should improve your E46 Suspension to keep your E46 tires hugging the road.