Continental ExtremeContact DWS

Continental’s best all season tires are the ExtremeContact DWS

Tire Rack - Traction. Control. Confidence.Continental ExtremeContact DWS All Season Tire - E46 TiresContinental’s ExtremeContact DWS (Dry, Wet & Snowy conditions) are the company’s Ultra High Performance All-year round tire created for performance vehicles, coupes, sports sedans and trucks.  The ExtremeContact DWS are produced to perform all year in all driving conditions by incorporating dry and wet surface performance and providing traction in light slush and snow.  ExtremeContact DWS use a sophisticated silica-based, high-performance, all-season tire compound, shaped into an asymmetrical tread pattern with sturdy shoulder blocks and a continuing notched rib towards the outer edge that improves responsiveness and cornering performance.  The middle of the tire uses independent tread blocks divided by high-angle, crossover channels which provide the biting forces necessary to improve wet and light snow grip while the independent inward shoulder patterns help distribute water to reduce hydroplaning and and increase bad weather performance.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS Performance Indicators

Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS also utilizes Tuned Performance Indicators, they are visible letters cast in the 2nd rib, this alerts drivers on each tires performance level.  The “DWS” signifies that the tire has sufficient rubber remaining for all conditions.  Once the “S” has worn away after prolonged use, the “DW” indicates the tire should only be used for dry and wet road surfaces.  Once the “W” and “S” have worn off, the “D” indicates that the tire should now only be used for dry conditions owing to reduced tread depth.  Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS internal structure incorporates two steel bands reinforced using spirally wound plies with a jointless nylon cap to create long-term durability for high-speed driving whilst lowering mass to provide a more stable and uniform ride.

The ExtremeContact DWS is a great price for a great tire

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The Continental ExtremeContact DWS are a great all round tire that come at a much cheaper price then some of the max performance tires and I highly recommend these tires if you live somewhere that may get a light sprinkling of snow in the winter but you still want tires that offer maximum grip in the summer.  not looking for the Continental ExtremeContact DWS other great tires can be found on the E46 Tires Page.