Hoosier A6 Racing Tires

Hoosier A6 Slick Racing Tires

Hoosier A6 Slick Racing Radial Tires - E46 TiresThe Hoosier Racing Tires for Sports Cars D.O.T. are A6 Radials used for Race Track & Competition.  Hoosier A6 tires are designed for the driver who competes in autocross events, time trials or hill-climb competitions.  They are optimized for extreme grip in dry conditions and provide high levels of traction at lower temperatures which is perfect for short burst events like autocross, where the car is used for less than a minute then may rest for up to an hour.  The Hoosier A6 Radials have been developed to provide a huge performance advantage over any other tires used for autocross.

Hoosier A6 Construction

Hoosier A6 Radials incorporate a high performance tread compound which is molded into a “slick” design with no channels to disperse water.  They feature two symmetrical circumferential grooves similar to the Formula 1 tires and the rounded tread profile increases tire life and allows more consistent wear across the entire surface of the tire.  The A6 tires have a revised symmetrical internal construction, a nylon cord radial carcass ply that is reinforced with twin compact steel rings and a nylon cap and ply beneath the tread.  Hoosier tires have a “rim recess” design which is incorporated on all sizes throughout the range.

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Testing the Hoosier A6

Hoosier Racing’s comprehensive testing proves the Hoosier A6 Radials generate sharper steering response and better transitional movement.  Their enhanced rubber compound produces more consistent runs time and time again using longer heat exposure and reduced degradation of grip after multiple runs.  The enhanced internal engineering provides maximum overall traction and increased stability as the tire reaches it’s upper limits of grip, thus allowing the driver to utilize more power and generate higher speeds more consistently.  Hoosiers A6 Radial has also shown improved overall wear because of the improved tread profile whilst still improving all-round grip.

The symmetrical design of the tread allows the tire to be installed on both sides of the vehicle, this means that if one side of the tire wears more quickly than the other, the tires can be installed on the opposite side of the car to increase their overall life.  Hoosier Racing’s research has demonstrated how performance can be enhanced using lower operating tire pressures and Hoosier recommends that competitors reduce tire pressures in small amounts after each run and continue to test to produce the optimum tire pressure for their particular vehicle.

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WARNING: D.O.T. labeled Hoosier A6 Racing E46 Tires are NOT intended for street use – they are strictly for track use only.