Kumho Ecsta V710 tires

Kumho Ecsta V710 R-Compound Tires

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Kumho Escta V710 R-compound tires - E46 TiresKuhmo Ecsta V710 radials are designed for Track & Competition.  These D.O.T. approved tires have been developed for performance drivers who demand the best performance tire.  Kumho’s V710 radials have been designed to enable faster turn-in response with increased traction and allow for higher cornering speeds.  Additionally having the aesthetics of pro-level racing slicks, Kumho Ecsta V710 tires perform very well indeed, trading durability for maximum performance.  The Ecsta V710 tires are so soft and provide so much grip that they may start to lose maximum performance after one action packed weekend of high octane racing, but for autocross you can expect upwards of 10 events per set of Kumho Ecsta V710 tires.

Kumho Ecsta V710 construction

The Ecsta V710 tires are molded using an extremely high-grip tread compound which perform at temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit whilst driving close to their limit on a hot dry track.  The specially designed compound is molded into an asymmetric pattern giving the tread design a slick surface for maximum contact with the road.  There are 2 circumferential channels towards the inner half of the tire to allow for light water dispersion and Initial tire tread depth is 4/32-inch.  The Kumho Ecsta V710 tire has a radial internal construction that makes use of 2 angled, polyester carcass plies. The belt consists of 2, light steel bands strengthened using a spirally wrapped nylon cap ply below the surface of the tread.

Ready to race with your Kumho Ecsta V710 tires

The tires are sold, ready to race and do not need to be shaved prior to racing although they may benefit from a heat cycle prior to being used in competition.  While the Kumho Ecsta V710 tires do meet the legal D.O.T. requirements, they should not be used for the highway, due to the low miles of wear from these racing tires.  They are built for max performance not distance and as such their life span is greatly reduced.

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The Kumho Ecsta V710 R-Compound  E46 Tires are a formidable tire, well worthy of any track car and will help get the maximum performance out of any vehicle.